Travel Shield



Travel Shield Insurance Policy

Travel Shield Insurance Policy

Travel with special privileges!

There is always the chance of something unexpected to take place on a journey.

It is in our hands to deal with anything unexpected that comes on our way to interrupt our vocations, in the best possible way.
Travelling abroad there is always a possibility of our luggage being lost, in a country where we are visitors, there is the case of our luggage being lost, a flight being delayed or even an accident to occur. Unexpected events are harder to deal when happens abroad.

Trust Insurance Cyprus has created a comprehensive Traveling Insurance Policy, Travel Shield, which protects individuals from any hassle easily. The innovative policy covers and protects individuals from small inconveniences such as delay in the arrival of luggage to more serious unexpected events like health problems during their trip.

Travel Shield is intended for individuals, groups, families and business executives.

Features and Covers:
  • Personal accidents
  • Medical expenses due to an accident or disease
  • Transportation expenses and accommodation of the attendant in case of hospitalization
  • Medical transport of patient
  • Emergency supply of medicine
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Interruption, delay or cancellation of travel
  • Loss or delay in the arrival of luggage
  • Compensation of rescue expenses

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