Motor Shield

The motor vehicle is now a part of every one’s life and is in fact both a necessary and important asset. With the ever increasing risks around us, it is important to have in place assurance for the driver, his family and any other passenger. Every responsible driver needs a trustworthy insurance company that will stand by his side in whatever situation might arise.

Trust Insurance Cyprus has prepared a leading motor insurance solution –Motor Shield offering wide-ranging and flexible solutions. Moreover, our solution offers both a modern approach as well as value for money covering the most demanding customer requirements.

Every vehicle that is insured by Trust Insurance Cyprus enjoys 24-hour Accident Recovery helpline as well as 24-hour Road Assistance.

Motor Shield offers the option to choose from four enhanced insurance plans:
  • Third Part Standard
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Executive (Comprehensive)
  • Executive Plus (Comprehensive Plus)

Drive Safely!

Why choose Trust Insurance Cyprus……..

Trust Insurance Cyprus has taken a bold step by offering the additional benefit ‘Drink and Don’t Drive”. In the event that you have consumed alcohol or have encountered an unexpected medical issue, Trust Insurance Cyprus will take you home FREE and safely by calling

Through our 24-hour helpline we dispatch assistance to the driver according to his requirements in the event of an accident or any malfunction experience by the insured vehicle.

By calling Trust Insurance Cyprus, Accident Recovery as well as Road Assistance is available to visit the scene and take down details of the accident without the requirement for the insured to visit our offices.

  Ioanna Theodorou

 Motor Underwriter


For more information please contact your insurance advisor, one of the Sales and Customer Service Offices of Trust International Company (Cyprus) Ltd or send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.