Goods in Transit/Marine Cargo


Trust Insurance Cyprus offers goods in transit insurance cover for all good that are in transit.

By road within the Republic of Cyprus

  • Covers the loss or damage to goods undergoing transit by land, within the Republic of Cyprus, in sealed vehicles as a consequence of fire, theft or road accident.
By other means of transport within from/ to other countries
  • Covers the loss or damage to goods that are undergoing transit as a consequence of insured perils predetermined in international Clauses or Institute Cargo Clauses.
    • Institute Cargo Clauses ‘A’
    • Institute Cargo Clauses ‘B’
    • Institute Cargo Clauses ‘C’
In addition, the following covers are also available:
  • Institute War Clauses (Cargo)
  • Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo)
Trust Insurance Cyprus offers the Automatic Coverage facility for smoother and direct processing of goods in transit, based on an open cover policy basis.

This insurance is aimed at private individuals as well as importers or exporters of goods or those who are involved with forwarding and shipping of goods.

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