Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision “To Lead Through Innovation and Service Excellence”.


  • To ensure an Excellent Quality of Life
  • To differentiate within the Insurance Industry by providing added value to the customer
  • To invest a significant amount in technology systems for minimizing costs
  • To provide new and innovative products which are affordable to the customer and direct settlement of claims


Nowadays, customers’ needs are changing. This gives the company the unwavering commitment to help customers in achieve what they want. Value, quality and straight talk are what customers expect from the company. The Company’s International character and capital structure provide the opportunity for further development by creating new and innovative products to achieve a leading position into the Cyprus Insurance Industry.


  • Customer – centric    

Customers are at the center of all our activities. We aim at providing excellent, innovative and personalized services which delight our customers.

  • Integrity    

We adhere to high ethical standards in our relationships with our stakeholders (shareholders,            employees, customers, public, and government) and we provide timely, accurate and complete financial reporting.

  • Reliability    

We honour our commitments to all our stakeholders and we deliver high quality services with consistency, reliability and efficiency. We are committed in meeting deadlines and building relationships based on trust and open communication.

  • Team-spirit    

We support each other and we work together for the greater good to maximize results

  • Accountability

We have the courage to take personal responsibility to promote a climate where our employees are empowered to perform their duties effectively and are held responsible and accountable for their performance, as it affects Company results, customer care and Company reputation. We will maintain a fair balance between encouraging people to take reasonable risks and not allowing other to consistently under-perform through lack of motivation or incompetence. Those who are unable to live up to the required standard of performance will be encourages to pursue their careers elsewhere with dignity and fairness.